We combine big data analysis with human insight to tell you what to say, where and to whom.


Orwell Digital is a technology company offering powerful insight into the journalists, themes and media titles that actually matter to your audiences.

Without the precision offered by quantitative analysis and insight, your media outreach will not influence debate, strengthen your reputation or increase sales.


Orwell lets you:

  • Build a campaign around media titles, journalists and themes which you know are valued by your key audiences.
  • Create and optimise your press releases and public reports for newsworthiness: learn which themes particular publications are interested in to maximise coverage.
  • Understand media sentiment and shift policy debate towards your position.
  • Use the data you already capture as part of your everyday operations to create targeted, high impact newshooks that are crafted precisely for individual journalists and editorial teams.
  • Use our proprietary metrics to establish the effectiveness of your media relations and the return on investment from your campaigns.